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Welcome to our 2024 members !


A group of light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck dealers representing International, Isuzu, Kalmar Ottawa and Battle Motors. For more information, contact Bruce Gagnon


ProduceTech is a distributor of technologies and solutions for the fruit industry. For more information, contact Frederic Lavoie


Entreprises Pitre are strawberry growers. For more information, contact Jérémie Pitre


Courtage BGL LTÉE is a customs broker. For more information, contact Jacky Ostiguy Barriere


Ferme Mathieu Lavoie INC specializes in squash and cabbage production. For more information, contact Mathieu Lavoie


PAROX Construction specializes in the construction of agri-food buildings, including refrigerated and frozen warehouses. For more information, contact Martin Letendre

Welcome to our 2023 members !


Les Serres Bertrand is a family business committed to cultivating local quality products. For more information contact Steve Bertrand


Émile Gariépy farm specializes in the production, packaging, transportation and shipping of pumpkins, squash and carrots. For more information contact Émile Gariépy


Scarla Fruit is a new wholesaler-importer-exporter of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables. For more informations, contact Aymen Kharmachi 


Domaine Vincent is apple producer. For more information, please contact Marc Vincent


Investissement Quebec’s mission is to contribute to Quebec’s economic development through financing and support. For more information, please contact Jonathan Jobin


The company specializes in refrigeration and control. For more information, please contact Alain Bernard 


Sage Fruit Company is a grower/shipper of high quality apples, pears, cherries, and apricots based in Yakima, WA. For more information, contact Kevin Steiner 


Omniplast is a manufacturer of packaging films and bags. For more information, contact Marc Robitaille


Collin Agroalimentaire specializes in agri-food recruitment in Quebec and France. For more information, contact Daniel Collin 


Improove recovers and recycles surplus fruit and vegetables from producers and distributors. To do so, it markets the first anti-gaspi basket that is available throughout Quebec. For more information contact John Tassi


A company specializing in the sale and management of packaging, whether it be cardboard boxes or bags. For more information contact Ricky Durocher


D’Arrigo Bros. Co. brings healthy products across North America and around the world, while maintaining that local, family-friendly feel for consumers. For more information contact John Scherpinski


Professional strawberry growers with decades of greenhouse experience. For more information contact Paul Mastronardi


Manufacturing and distribution of protective equipment. For more information contact Sylvain Talbot


Lafib is a consulting company in food safety implementation, research and development and ULTRA is a bio-food processing plant. For more information contact Patrick Larouche


A family business specializing in the production of organic, plain, marinated and pre-cooked tempeh. For more information contact Sonel Merjuste

Agreenco Inc

Brokerage of organic fruits and vegetables. For more information contact Couture-Martel 

L&S Cranberries

L&S Cranberries in the cranberry kingdom, near Drummondville. Located on some of the best land, they enjoy optimal climatic conditions for growing four varieties – Pilgrim, Ben Lear, Stevens and Howes. For more information contact Mike Dubuc 

The Pretty Ugly Company

Pretty Ugly is all about Quebec products, but it’s mostly about a circular economy project that wants to save blemished vegetables in large quantities! Their mission : fight against food waste by giving ugly or unsold food a second chance, by transforming it into delicious local products. For more information contact Pierre-Olivier Gendron

Van De Water-Raymond

Van de Water Raymond combines a wealth of experience, market knowledge, and business relationships that have contributed to the success of their clients and constituents. They will provide you with marketing and retail services tailored to your needs. For more information contact Bernard Blouin


Systemex is an automation solutions company that offers custom robotic system services, modular robotic cells and autonomous mobile robots. For increased efficiency and productivity, contact Antoine Charbonneu

Groupe Ostiguy & Gendron

The Ostiguy & Gendron Group is one of the largest damage insurance firms in Quebec, with offices in Ontario and Manitoba. With expertise in the agri-food, aviation, construction, transportation and many other fields, they will be able to meet all your professional ambitions. For more information contact Maxime Poulin 


For more information contact Roger Notario 

Dayka & Hackett LLC.

Dayka & Hackett is a producer/importer/exporter of fresh fruit. They provide high quality fruit that is grown in California and are interested in building relationships with trusted growers around the world. For more information contact

Welcome to our 2022 members !

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms is a company that grows food on rooftops, partners with local farms and producers, and offers a network of pick-up points where all this food is delivered as directly as possible. For more information write to

Nutri Impact

Nutrition Impact is a food broker and a sales and marketing service company, established for many years in the Quebec market. For more information contact  


The adoption of healthy eating habits. This company creates its tofu from carefully selected, non-GMO, organic ingredients. For more information write to 

Oh M’ail M’ail

Quebec Garlic Products, OH M’ail M’ail’s mission is to offer condiments that connect the taste and uniqueness of our natural resources. For more information write to

Recru-T inc

Recru-T offers a complete support in hiring foreign workers, an effective response to the labour shortage! For more information write to 

Maxland Produce

For the past 15 years, Maxland Produce has been working with wholesalers and distributors in Canada and the United States who specialize in sourcing Canadian vegetables (cucumbers, broccoli, green onions, nappa, etc.) from local producers! For more information write to  

Roger Gariepy Farms

Producer of carrots, beetroot and cabbage, Gariepy Farms brings authenticity and flavour to your plate! For more information write to

Une touche d’ail

Since 2016, these Quebec garlic producers have been committed to showing their passion while remaining environmentally friendly. Come and discover simple and natural products. For more information write to


A consulting agency that doesn’t look at the size of your company but at the cause it defends, that’s Atypique’s DNA. Call on them for your communication projects! For more information write to

Eurofins Environex

Eurofins is a group of laboratories specialised in the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and medical sectors! For more information write to

Malouin Assurance

Malouin Assurance’s mission is to assist its clients in choosing insurance products that are adapted to their needs and reality. For more information write to

TJL Transport

TJL Transport is a company that specializes in refrigerated and specialized transport and storage.  For more information please contact

Kangaroo Logistics

The Kangarou Group offers its transport and storage services to all types of companies. For more information please contact

Les jardins J.A Ouellet INC

J.A. Ouellet Gardens are producers of strawberries and leeks. For more information write to

United Exports sales and marketing LLC

United Exports is a fruit export company focused on consistent product quality. For more information write to

Calavo Growers

Calavo Growers, Inc. is an international consumer goods and agricultural products company. For more information contact


A leader in the apple industry for over 40 years, FirstFruits Farms is a producer, packer and shipper. For more information contact

Mayrand entrepôt d’alimentation

Mayrand is a 100% Quebec based company, specializing in the food trade since 1914. They offer fruits and vegetables, food assortments, kitchenware and packaging. For more information write to

Zone AgTech

The Agtech Zone is an incubator of knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a dedicated geolocalized zone that brings together the entire ecosystem to propel the new agriculture. For more information write to

Les Serres Point du Jour

A young family business offering a wide range of balcony and bedding plants, vegetable plants, perennials, rose bushes, nurseries and ready-to-use compositions. For more information write to


S3R is a consulting firm specializing in the reduction of

in the reduction of costs related to the disposal of residual materials in companies. For more information write to


FAXINATING SOLUTIONS INC. is a provider of efficient, reliable, secure and affordable EDI solutions for all types of electronic document exchange. For more information write to

Paré Transport Logistique

Paré Transport Logistique is an east coast fruit and vegetable carrier. For more information write to

Novations AGL

Novation AGL provides technology for the agricultural and agri-food sector. For more information write to

Pure Flavor

Companies growing vegetables in greenhouses. For more information write to

Firstpick import

Firstpick is a company that has been working for 25 years in the import and export of fruits and vegetables. For more information contact

Octane Transports

Octane Transports is a refrigerated and non-standard fruit and vegetable transport company in Canada and the United States. For more information, contact

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