Pillar of industry

Meet our 2023 Quebec pillar of the fruits and vegetables industry : Gerard Trudeau of Trudeau Farms

The 5 pillar selection criteria :

  • Passion. A Pillar possesses an infectious passion for the industry, its people and its products.
  • Significant contribution to our sector’s development. This exceptional person’s commitment
    and purposeful involvement benefit everyone.
  • Leadership. A Pillar not only has a rallying spirit and avant-garde ideas, but also sets an example
    and pushes the entire industry towards excellence.
  • Know-how and life skills transmission. This person invests in training the next-generation,
    supports the industry with their positive attitude and advances our cause by sharing
    their expertise.
  • Exemplary ethics. A Pillar is a person whose behavior is irreproachable and whom everyone
    respects and recognizes for their human and professional qualities and unfailing transparency

We are at the heart of the fruit and vegetable industry in Quebec

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